The Golden Hour….

The golden hour’ is the term photographers use to describe the beautiful light we have when the sun is low in the sky.  I’ve only ever made use of it when photographing weddings in the summer, that time in the evening when the sun casts a golden glow over everything and everybody, and we can … More The Golden Hour….

My first newsletter

One of my duties here as photography volunteer coordinator is to produce a monthly newsletter.  All the coordinators contribute, as do some of the volunteers. I ‘just’ have to put it together.  I’d seen previous newsletters and was determined to produce something more contemporary and fresh – it only took a day and a half!!   … More My first newsletter

Good eyesight, camouflage, and why zebras have stripes.

Following on from my previous posting about how a guide knows where to go, they also need excellent eyesight.  The photo below is of a distant hillside, and from this position, our guide spotted a couple of elephants! And here they are! My camera long lens is fully zoomed in.  Even harder to see in … More Good eyesight, camouflage, and why zebras have stripes.

Following his nose……

It always fascinates me how a guide knows where to take us when out on a drive.  Sometimes he or she will have spoken to other guides on Thanda and been given information about animal sightings.  Other times s/he will ask the clients or volunteers whether there is anything specific they would like to see, … More Following his nose……

Back at Thanda

9 months after I finished a volunteering project at Thanda Game reserve in South Africa, I’m back again, but this time I’m working here for 3 months as Photography Volunteer Coordinator.   So, on Saturday, I said goodbye to my lovely family, and set off on a 26 hour journey to get here.    The landscape is … More Back at Thanda