Mkuze is another reserve about 45 minutes drive from here.  There are some hides there, and we spent a few hours at one of them right over a waterhole.  Upon arrival somebody had the bright idea of passing the home baked muffins around before we went into the hide, so we sat munching happily for … More Mkuzi

Rain stopped play

For two days this week we were confined to the lodge and grounds within the electric fence so we had a wander round and attempted macro photography.  I don’t have a dedicated macro lens, just a setting on my camera, so I can’t fill my frame with an ant.  Here are my shots though.

One Third Done

I can’t quite believe that I’ve been here four weeks now – the time has flown by and I feel as if I’ve hardly had a moment to breath.   My working day starts at 5.30 most days, and finishes at 6.30 at dinnertime, or 10.00 if we have a night drive once a week.  I … More One Third Done

Last week of September

We’ve heard spectacular claps of thunder in the middle of the night which have made us nearly jump out of our skins, and then stayed cosily tucked up in bed listening to the rain hammering on the thatched roofs of our cabins.  Other nocturnal noises have included the whoop whoop of hyenas outside the boundary … More Last week of September