This weekend there was a trip to neighbouring Mozambique and one of the staff members needed to go with them.  As I hadn’t been before and it was my last weekend, I volunteered to go. It was a 3 hour journey to the border, then almost an hour to do the visas and have our … More Mozambique

Community Day

Well today has been a ‘once in a lifetime’ day!     African Impact were involved in a Community Day, which was a bit like one of our Eistedfodds but with extremely loud music, (think rock concert level) a hall packed with about 800 people, and vaguely organised chaos! On our way up to the community (the … More Community Day

Last month…..

Last month I had 6 photographers on the project, and on our very first game drive we had a wonderful sighting of a lone impala at the brow of a hill.  It’s very rare to see impala without assorted grasses, twigs and branches either in front or behind them, making any photographs quite ‘busy’ and … More Last month…..

Trees, and more trees

There are so many trees here at Thanda I decided to dedicate one drive each month to photographing them. Here are my efforts. Clicking on a photo brings it up full size. Below is the fever tree.  It has the most beautiful pale green bark and really stand out from the others. It’s called a … More Trees, and more trees


All around me is birdsong.  When out on a game drive I often just sit and listen when we have stopped.   The lodge is full of little sparrows and swallows and they swoop in and out over our heads, perching on windowsills, lamps, chairs and pecking anything that they can. I often have a little … More Birds

Family time :)

2/3rds of my time here is now over – time has flown by! Damien and Francesca have just spent a week here and I’ve dropped them off for their onward journey to Durban Airport. Another of life’s rich experiences also ticked off this morning – being the only white person in a busy petrol station … More Family time 🙂