Blyde Canyon

Morning trip to a canyon.  I wondered why we don’t have canyons in England.   I have Cheddar Gorge nearby, but what’s the difference between a gorge and a canyon? Is it the area, the depth, or how it was formed?  I had to google it, even with the slow internet connection, and according to National Geographic “A canyon is a deep, narrow valley with steep sides. “Canyon” comes from the Spanish word cañon, which means “tube” or “pipe.” The term “gorge” is often used to mean “canyon,” but a gorge is almost always steeper and narrower than a canyon.”   So now we know 🙂

Our first stop was for a walk through a wooded area with a river running through it, though the river doesn’t have a lot of flow to it at the moment and is very shallow in places. Dumela2015-80 We walked over what looked like a very rickety bridge, tied together with vine, but was in fact quite stable.Dumela2015-78Dumela2015-79Dumela2015-76

The whole area is very peaceful and the walk ended at the bottom of a waterfall where we spent a long time taking photos,  concentrating on controlling our shutter speed so that the water has a blur to it. Dumela2015-73

Dumela2015-72 Dumela2015-77Dumela2015-75After that, we drove a short distance, and walked a long way down to the water’s edge in what felt like at least 30º.  By the time we reached the bottom we were all pretty desperate for a swim as the water looked so clear and inviting.  Apparently there are crocs though, so not a good idea!. Dumela2015-81 Dumela2015-82 After what felt like an even longer walk back up we drove to the top of the dam (more steps down and back up!)  and then back to the lodge.DSCF3738DSCF3739