Koh Samui

After a 90 minute flight from Chiang Mai we arrived at the first of our two islands – Koh Samui.  We had chosen a place to stay based on the fact that is was on the west side of the island and we’d therefore see the sunsets.  We were not disappointed 🙂  This was our first evening.


Early next morning I walked our of our room and onto the beach and my camera immediately steamed up.  This is the result! I actually rather like the misty and atmospheric look.


Later that day I took a long walk down the beach and came across fishermen mending their nets and preparing to go out.Thailand-224Thailand-226Thailand-223Thailand-219Thailand-218


We took a trip to a waterfall which was very pretty.  Thailand-216

Unfortunately there were elephant rides in the area which was very sad to see, especially the ellies that were not being ridden as they were in a small boma and standing with one leg chained to the ground, swinging their heads from side to side, which is a sign of distress. Having been to Elephant Nature Park and seen happy elephants, it brought it home just what a miserable life captive elephants have 😦

Back at our hotel, and another walk on the beach:


I think a wedding was going to take place here:


Another sunset!


Early on our final morning.  I don’t know how these trees are still standing upright as the roots don’t seem to be buried very deeply at all.