The Wild West Photography Tour. Route 66, 2nd stop.

A little general store was a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.   As we had strictly limited the photographers on this trip so that they had plenty of teaching time and space, I was not an ‘official’ shooter. This meant that any shots of the models were ‘grab’ shots ensuring that I didn’t get in the way of anyone else. This actually suited me just fine and the bonus was that I had plenty of time to wander off with my camera and explore other opportunities.


There were old rusting cars abandoned everywhere and tucked away round the back was a music hall that looked like it had come from a stage set on an old spaghetti western.

It looks like quite a few people used this sign for target practice.

Details, details…..

Inside the store was just as quirky as outside.  And they sold ice creams – just what was needed on a punishingly hot afternoon.

Claire and Lydia working hard and trying to avoid getting sunburn!

You don’t see the Union Jack flag in the UK unless it’s a special occasion.  It’s the complete opposite in the USA.  No excuse needed.

Our first day’s shooting completed it was time to move on.  I’m glad we weren’t waiting for a coach though……

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