The Wild West Photography Tour. Holbrook. Monument Valley. Valley of the Gods

One of our stops along Route 66 was at the town of Holbrook.  I was amazed to see what looked like the cars from the Disney/Pixar film ‘cars’.  It turns out that the cartoon cars in the film were actually based on these, so I had to get some photos for my grandson, who loves that film.    Below are the real cars.


And here is the cartoon version

We also went along to the highlight of the town’s year – the annual ‘burn out’ competition.  I’ve never seen anything quite so bizarre, and my thoughts were ‘only in America’ !  The object was to rev the engine with the car in gear but handbrake on so that the wheels just spin on the spot.  The winner was the driver who could create the most smoke, flames, and noise before bottling out.  The smell of burning rubber was horrendous and in between each competitor’s turn, the fire engine hosed down the ground.

Next door to our motel was the Wigwam Motel.  Actually solid structures made of concrete, but they looked good and we did a shoot there with our models. I saw a biker just about to pull out of the car park and stopped him to ask if we could take some photos of him with Claire.  He was pretty perplexed at my request but happily agreed. The poor guy didn’t know where to look though!

Monument Valley was another stunning place to visit.  A searingly hot wind had whipped up that afternoon but that just added to the drama of the place.

This is the road that Forrest Gump ran upSome of us then went and found another place that had been recommended to me – The Valley of the Gods.

A person plus a  lion’s headThe sunset that evening was spectacular – the sky was on fire.


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