, Camping in the Bush.  Part 2.

Camping in the Bush. Part 2.

10 minutes into Klaserie with Africa On Foot – I’ve never seen so many buffalo at a dam!
Dumela2015-450As Impala definitely do not climb trees, this can only mean one thing………  We searched and searched for the leopard but couldn’t find it.Dumela2015-456However, at dusk we heard over the radio that it had been spotted, and we raced back towards the tree, just in time to see the leopard strolling back towards it too.Dumela2015-458 Watching it go straight up awed us all. The sheer power these cats have is astounding.    A leopard will drag its kill into high branches to move it away from other predators such as lions & hyenas.  Lions can climb trees, but not as well as leopards, so they go really high up. Dumela2015-460Sunsets in Africa are usually stunning 🙂Dumela2015-457Back at camp.  We can see thousands of stars as there is no light pollution.Dumela2015-463Dumela2015-462No matter where I sit, the smoke from the campfire always seems to blow in my direction but I do love a good fire!  Especially when cooking our dinner on it.Dumela2015-461No electricity here!  Hurricane lamps and torchlight is all we have. Dumela2015-465The lilac breasted roller is one of my favourite birds.
Dumela2015-453 Dumela2015-468I didn’t get it in focus in flight, but just look at its wings!Dumela2015-454 Dumela2015-455Curious little mongooses……  If the plural of Goose is Geese, why is the plural of Mongoose not Mongeese?   Another language idiosyncrasy !

Male Impala having a fight was exciting to watch.Dumela2015-467To keep cool, a crocodile will lie with its mouth open in a process that is called “mouth gaping,” which is a lot like panting.

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