Birds of Kenya

I still have absolutely zero interest in photographing birds when I’m at home, but in Africa they are often brightly coloured, pretty, or very very big!   And one of my favourites – the lilac breasted roller.       Whilst in Kenya I saw more Eagles in two weeks than I have in the … More Birds of Kenya


Just before dusk one evening we were lucky enough to spot a cheetah mother and her two cubs who were exceptionally cute.  In any gallery, click on the thumbnails to see each image at full size.   Elephant babies are great fun to watch.  They don’t know how to control the muscles in their trunks … More Babies

The food chain

One day we saw a newborn Grant’s gazelle. Its mother ran off as soon as we started approaching, and the newborn’s instincts kicked it and it dropped to the ground, camouflaging itself and looking like a stone from the distance.  The mother seemed unperturbed and was grazing quite a distance away – probably to deflect attention … More The food chain

Kenya – at last

Kenya – the land that first sparked my interest in Africa and lodged itself deep inside me for nearly 40 years until I had the opportunity to come here.  Those of you who have read the ‘about me’ section on this blog will know that it was the film ‘Born Free’  that did it, and … More Kenya – at last