Back on the east coast and at our next AirBnb which was also tiny but with spectacular views over the cenote. (Cenotes are natural deep-water wells / sinkholes). There were kayaks for our use, so that was a new experience for me and the water was crystal clear. It was also lovely to use the hammocks and swings. Another smaller […]

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Mexico – Becan

In complete contrast to our last huge AirBnb, our next one was tiny; just one room with barely enough space to move, and the only luggage storage space was in a boarded loft area, up a very steep set of steps.  We’d chosen it for its quirkiness though, and it didn’t disappoint.  The room was at the bottom of an […]

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Mexico. On the road.

En route to our next destination we hugged the coastline for a while.  This meant driving through a little fishing village where we were the only non-locals. I do sometimes feel as I stick out like a sore thumb with my blonde hair but I just have to get over myself !  The advantage of self-driving in a country is […]

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Campeche. Mexico.

When searching the AirBnb site, I always read reviews to get a rounded idea of a particular place, and after deciding to go to Campeche, I came across what looked like the most amazing place.  Despite it only having one review, I decided to trust my instinct and the photos (even though I know that photos can lie!) and rationalised […]

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Mexico – Sisal

Although Covid stopped worldwide travel for many months, it didn’t stop my desire to get on an airplane and go somewhere.  What it did do though is to change how I wanted to explore, and that meant getting away from lots of people when international travel became possible again.  I’m now a fan of AirBnb stays rather than hotels, and […]

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Mexico. Chichén-Itzá

After a couple of years of jumping through hoops in order for occasional travel to be possible, things are starting to open up again, so in January I travelled to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.  The idea was to see the iconic Chichén-Itzá, but then get away from the tourist and well known spots and explore some of the ‘real’ […]

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