Indian Tiger Safari

Tigers & Taj. A Fantastic Photography Trip.

A Photographic Adventure with Julie Lovegrove.  April 2025. FULLY BOOKED.

Join me on an extraordinary photographic journey to India, where the majestic Royal Bengal tiger takes centre stage. This season promises optimal chances of witnessing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, along with an abundance of other exotic wildlife. We’ll traverse through three distinct national parks, setting the scene for remarkable photographic opportunities. (In our previous adventure, we had an astonishing 20-plus tiger encounters!)

It’s not just about the wildlife though; you’ll also be captivated by the richness of rural India. Marvel at the vivid tapestry of colours, traditions, and people as we journey between destinations. Feel the warmth of genuine Indian hospitality that adds an extra layer of richness to this voyage.

Conclude your unforgettable experience with a visit to the iconic Taj Mahal, capturing its awe-inspiring beauty through your lens at the most photogenic spots.

And the icing on the cake? You’ll share your safari vehicle with only one other guest, ensuring unobstructed shots from both sides of the vehicle. Spend your days with fellow photography enthusiasts, swapping stories and expert tips, and leave with lifelong friendships and memories to cherish.

Tigers and Taj Photography tour, Tigers & Taj.  A Fantastic Photography Trip.


19th April- 2nd May 2025.

Group Size

Maximum of 10 adventurers, including Julie. This ensures a personalised experience, with only two guests per vehicle during our safaris, offering you unobstructed angles for those perfect shots.Tigers and Taj Photography tour, Tigers & Taj.  A Fantastic Photography Trip.

Spots Remaining= 0.   Contact me HERE to be put on the waiting list in case of any cancellation.


£6,097 per person for double occupancy

£6,950 per person for single occupancy



Day 1: Begin in the Capital – Welcome to New Delhi
Touch down in New Delhi, the eclectic capital of India. Rejuvenate with an overnight stay at a handpicked hotel, setting the tone for an exhilarating fortnight ahead.

Day 2: From Urban Hubs to Jungle Beats – Delhi to Pench
Indulge in a tasty breakfast before taking to the skies, a short flight bound for Nagpur. On arrival, a scenic 2-hour drive escorts us into the vibrant wilderness of Pench. Enjoy a tasty lunch at our lodge before venturing out on our first thrilling safari in Pench National Park.

Days 3 & 4: Dive Deeper into Pench – Twice-Daily Safari Excursions
Unveil the hidden gems of Pench through early morning and late afternoon safaris. Search for tigers and capture the park’s mesmerising flora and fauna, bathed in golden sunlight.

Click here for photos in my blog post about Pench. 

Day 5: From Pench Majesty to Kanha Wonders
Embark on a morning jeep safari in Pench before enjoying a delicious lunch. Afterwards we drive for 4-5 hours through captivating countryside en route to the renowned Kanha National Park. Check into our next exquisite lodge to recharge.

Days 6 & 7: Kanha Unveiled – Land of the Majestic Tigers
Kanha, a cornerstone in India’s conservation triumphs, hosts another two daily safaris. Its tigers, known for their remarkable features and comfort around tourist’s vehicles, offer unparalleled photo opportunities. Tigers in Kanha are known to walk on vehicle tracks, so if you are fortunate, you will have a head on sighting of tigers here. Once this happens they will often walk for long enough to give you ample opportunities to take some amazing images of them. 

Click here for photos in my blog post about Kanha.

Day 8: Kanha to Bandhavgarh – The Tiger Density Capital
After a morning safari in Kanha and a leisurely early lunch, set off for Bandhavgarh National Park, celebrated for its high tiger density.

Days 9 & 10: Immersed in Bandhavgarh – Jungle Safaris Galore
From dawn till dusk, explore Bandhavgarh’s rich biodiversity through morning and afternoon jeep safaris.

Day 11: Bid Bandhavgarh Farewell, Delhi Calls Again
Enjoy one final morning safari in Bandhavgarh before driving to Jabalpur for a flight back to New Delhi. Spend the night in the capital, relishing your newfound memories of seeing tigers in the wild.

Click here for photos in my blog post about Bandhavgarh.

Day 12: Delhi to Agra – The Red Fort & Sunset at the Taj
A 4-hour drive with plenty to see along the way takes you to the historic city of Agra. Visit the stunning Agra Fort made of red sandstone and witness the sunset at the Taj Mahal from the serene Mehtab Bagh gardens. Viewing the Taj Mahal from this tranquil vantage point is definitely not to be missed.

Click here for photos in my blog post about Agra.

Day 13: Dawn at the Taj Mahal – A Photographic Pilgrimage
Experience the Taj Mahal like never before at sunrise. Capture this wonder in the soft early light, guided to prime photo spots by an expert local. There will also of course be the opportunity to capture the iconic photograph from the front, with the water leading the eye the Taj itself. When we have exhausted all photographic opportunities we return to the hotel for breakfast and to freshen up. Later, we head back to New Delhi and spend a restful night near the airport.

Day 14: Farewells 
Time to bid adieu to your fellow photography enthusiasts as your unforgettable adventure comes to a close. Departure day has arrived, but the memories will last a lifetime.  

With every day promising unique wonders and unparalleled photography opportunities, this 14-day adventure is an expedition of a lifetime.

What’s Included:

Seamless Airport Transfers: Start and end your journey with hassle-free airport transfers.

Luxurious Accommodation: Spend 13 nights in selected lodgings, complete with daily breakfast. Relish dinners and lunches while on your tiger safaris. (Accommodation in Delhi & Agra is on a bed-and-breakfast basis).

Complete Access: All entrance fees, guide charges, and safari permits are taken care of, ensuring a smooth journey.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the insight of not one but three professionals—a naturalist guide, a tracker, and myself providing photographic tuition if needed. Double the local expertise means exponentially higher chances of locking eyes with a tiger.

Exclusive Jeep Safaris: Immerse yourself in 6 distinct safaris in Pench, 5 in Kanha, and another 5 in Bandhavgarh, each tailored for a unique experience.

Skill Enhancement: Photographic and Lightroom tuition ensures you make the most of each shot.

Internal Flights: Two internal flights for a quick and comfortable transition between key destinations.

Comfortable Transfers: Travel in style with all road transfers executed in air-conditioned vehicles.

What’s Not Included:  

International Flights: You’ll need to book your own flights to and from New Delhi.

Beverage Selection: Alcoholic and soft drinks are not part of the package.

Gratuity: Tips for your safari guides are extra.

Meals in Cities: Lunches and dinners in Delhi and Agra are on you.

Personal Essentials: Don’t forget to arrange your own travel insurance and visa.

Adjustable Costs: As this trip is planned so far ahead, please note that any increases in entrance fees, internal flights, permits, or government taxes may be additional and you’ll be informed accordingly.

Where you’ll stay:  Luxury meets authenticity

Accommodation will be in hand-picked 4-star and 5-star lodges and hotels, offering you the best base from which to embark on your daily adventures. Travelling solo? No worries—if you’d like to share with a like-minded participant of the same gender for a double occupancy rate, just give me a shout.

Who Will Enjoy This Tour?

Anyone who relishes a bit of adventure and who isn’t upset if things change or are slightly different due to circumstances out of our control. While I can’t guarantee tiger sightings, I can tell you that April is your best shot. It’s hot, so tigers are often on the prowl, especially near waterholes, giving you a heightened chance of capturing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Photography Skills: Novice to Pro, All Are Welcome

Do I need to be an expert photographer? Not at all. This Tigers and Taj photography tour is open to anyone. 

Whether you’re shooting with a smartphone or a high-end DSLR or mirrorless, this tour is designed for all. The joy of this tour lies in the chase—the thrill of tracking tigers and the awe of standing before the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

If you’re still getting to grips with your camera settings or want to venture beyond ‘auto’ mode, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll unlock your creative potential and even delve into Lightroom to polish those shots to perfection. And let’s make one thing clear: you don’t have to be a tech-whizz or a camera geek to excel in photography. At the end of the day, it’s the eye behind the lens that counts, not the gear.

So, are you ready to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

Essential Details:  


19th April- 2nd May 2025.

Group Size: 

I’m keeping this tour intimate with a maximum of 10 adventurers, including Julie. This ensures a personalised experience, with only two guests per vehicle during our safaris, offering you unobstructed angles for those perfect shots.Tigers and Taj Photography tour, Tigers & Taj.  A Fantastic Photography Trip.


£6,097 per person for double occupancy

£6,950 per person for single occupancy

Booking Deposit

To secure your place I require a non-refundable deposit of £500.00. This may be paid by PayPal or bank transfer.  Subsequent payments must be paid by bank transfer.


Don’t dawdle! Booking will close 6 months in advance as this is when the national park permits become available. These permits are as sought-after as the Royal Bengal tigers themselves—names have to be specified at the time of purchase, they’re non-transferable, and usually, they sell out on the day of release!

So, are you ready to turn your wanderlust into an unforgettable adventure?

Tour Leader: Julie Lovegrove 

Tigers and Taj Photography tour, Tigers & Taj.  A Fantastic Photography Trip.

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Who is Julie Lovegrove?

Tigers and Taj Photography tour, Tigers & Taj.  A Fantastic Photography Trip.

This is what she says about herself:

“I didn’t ever know what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’, so for pretty much all of my adult life I fell into jobs, which have mostly been fine, but that’s all – just fine.  I always had a hankering to travel to exotic and far flung places, and ‘do something’ with wild animals. I used to dream of being brave and adventurous like Joy Adamson, Jane Goodall or Diane Fossey, and it was the film ‘Born Free’ that grabbed my imagination all those years ago. After that I wanted to go to Africa and sit on that rock. (you know, the one where Elsa sits with her cubs at the end of the film.) In December 2010 after seeing the film again on television and talking animatedly about it, my son said “so go and do something with lions”, so we went on the internet, and found a Gap Year volunteer programme where I could actually do just that.  So I went. In my 50s. All on my own. Not knowing anybody. And I LOVED IT.

So many people describe something that happens to them as ‘life changing’, but in reality for most people it only changes something in their life for a very short period of time. This really did change mine, as over the years I’ve done more and more volunteering and traveling,  and worked in South Africa teaching photography for several months at a time.  Since then I’ve run photographic trips to wonderful destinations and that’s now my complete passion.

This is what has been said about Julie:

“Julie is first and foremost modest. She is strong, brave, sensible and clear thinking. Julie knows what she likes and is true to herself. She has developed a keen eye for detail and composition in her photography, a skill honed on the 400 or so fabulous weddings she shot, the numerous portrait commissions she has done as a full time professional photographer, and during her many trips to photograph in different countries. Julie has a true passion for adventure and it runs through her veins.  She is firm but fair, and extremely patient and calm. The best tour leader anyone could have.”

The Small Print

I reserve the right to change some details if circumstances are out of my control.  A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required to secure your place and can be paid via PayPal. The remaining balance must be paid by bank transfer only.

Due to the remote destinations visited on this tour, participants are required to purchase emergency evacuation insurance.

Cancellation Policy

As my fixed costs remain the same regardless of how many participants there are, like any pre-booked tickets for the theatre, concert, flights etc, I am unable to give a refund in the event of non-attendance, regardless of the circumstances. The exception to this is if I have prior notice, am able to put a cancellation place back online AND your place is resold. In this event I will of course make a full refund or credit to you, less any fees that I have incurred. I recommend that you take out travel insurance as soon as you book this trip, and ensure that it will cover you for cancellation in the event of illness.



Have any questions? send a message..