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Just before dusk one evening we were lucky enough to spot a cheetah mother and her two cubs who were exceptionally cute.  In any gallery, click on the thumbnails to see each image at full size.


Elephant babies are great fun to watch.  They don’t know how to control the muscles in their trunks and they swing them around trying to make them work!  It’s quite an achievement to gain control, as the elephant’s trunk contains over 40,000 muscles. Compare that to the human body, which contains a mere 639. 


This little baby was having a sleep in the shade and security of the rest of the herd and from the look of the elephant in the middle of the group, there will be another newborn very soon. maasai-312

It really struggled to get to its feet however, and did a face plant in the process !

These two youngsters were having a good play fight.  maasai-110

This little one was so tired that moments later he moved round underneath his mum and lay down and had a nap! maasai-248

Whilst Warthogs and Hyenas are part of the ugly 5, their babies are still cute! maasai-152-2

Giraffe babies are particularly gorgeous and particularly interested in watching us.  One of these babies was so young that you can easily see its umbilical cord still attached if you click on the image.

I just want to go up and hug Zebra foals.  They remind me of my time at Na’ankuse sanctuary in Namibia when I bottle fed an orphaned baby zebra several times a day.  maasai-140

Even a baby hippo has a certain appeal. maasai-306

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