Another enjoyable 24 hours camping at Klaserie Game Reserve   a couple of weeks ago.  It was a little marred by the fact that the two cubs that I wrote about in my first ‘camping’ post, were killed the day before 🙁   The two lionesses were feeding on a Zebra kill, and another pride came by – the cubs were […]

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10 minutes into Klaserie with Africa On Foot – I’ve never seen so many buffalo at a dam! As Impala definitely do not climb trees, this can only mean one thing………  We searched and searched for the leopard but couldn’t find it.However, at dusk we heard over the radio that it had been spotted, and we raced back towards the […]

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One of my current photography volunteers had found a company near to us who offer hot air balloon flights near Kruger National park, so 6 of us left Dumela Lodge at 3.50 a.m. last Saturday to go to the take-off site.  I love how it’s dark one minute, and light about 15 minutes later. Whilst the balloon was being inflated […]

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Most weeks we go camping in Klaserie Game Reserve, next to the Kruger Park, which is about 40 minutes drive from our lodge.  Two person tents are permanently set up with mattresses, duvets and pillows, and with a ’mess’ tent, toilet & shower tents nearby.   There is a bore hole that feeds a water tank to flush the loo, wash […]

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African Impact works closely with the local community.  We have relationships with several schools, and we have been making an impact at one of them by helping to create a vegetable garden.  This was started in June, and is already well established.  The school is part of an ‘eco-training’ partnership. Our initial job was to finish some fencing.  For this, […]

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This week we visited a Reptile centre for some great photographic opportunities and to learn more about these creatures.  We were lucky enough to have our own private session, so not long after arriving, we found ourselves all lying on the ground photographing a hooded cobra.  (From a suitable distance and with long lenses of course!) This was followed by […]

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Morning trip to a canyon.  I wondered why we don’t have canyons in England.   I have Cheddar Gorge nearby, but what’s the difference between a gorge and a canyon? Is it the area, the depth, or how it was formed?  I had to google it, even with the slow internet connection, and according to National Geographic “A canyon is a […]

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Monday morning saw the arrival of a coach load of young schoolchildren and their teachers who were here for a conservation education day. After I’d taken loads of gorgeous photos of the children, I learned that due to the child protection policy I’m not allowed to put anything on social media that easily identifies the child so I’ve had to […]

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