Greater Kruger Safari

South Africa might seem a long way to go for less than a week, but I got my ‘fix’ of being out in the bush whilst on a dedicated photography trip. We stayed at a very small camp with only 4 guest tents.  There was no electricity (apart from what was generated by solar panels on sunny days) and no […]

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Cape Town

After my tour of Namibia ended I flew to Cape Town in South Africa for 4 days.  I hadn’t been there before and I’d heard from quite a few people that it’s a great place to visit.  Here is a selection of photos. The view from the top of Table Mountain. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden had been recommended and it’s […]

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Camping in the Bush. Part 3.

Another enjoyable 24 hours camping at Klaserie Game Reserve   a couple of weeks ago.  It was a little marred by the fact that the two cubs that I wrote about in my first ‘camping’ post, were killed the day before 🙁   The two lionesses were feeding on a Zebra kill, and another pride came by – the cubs were […]

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10 minutes into Klaserie with Africa On Foot – I’ve never seen so many buffalo at a dam! As Impala definitely do not climb trees, this can only mean one thing………  We searched and searched for the leopard but couldn’t find it.However, at dusk we heard over the radio that it had been spotted, and we raced back towards the […]

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Most weeks we go camping in Klaserie Game Reserve, next to the Kruger Park, which is about 40 minutes drive from our lodge.  Two person tents are permanently set up with mattresses, duvets and pillows, and with a ’mess’ tent, toilet & shower tents nearby.   There is a bore hole that feeds a water tank to flush the loo, wash […]

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I’ve covered most things in my previous posts, but here are a few more photos and snippets of what I spent the last couple of weeks doing: Avoiding vicious thorns and seeing Sacred Ibis that weren’t really there! Meeting a little rescued Meerkat: Seeing some gorgeous sunsets, moon rises, and helping Aaron photograph the moon: Getting ridiculously excited when I […]

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Hiding in the Hide

On a couple of mornings we got up early and left at 6.00 to drive to the bird hide.  The hide is newly built and overlooks a man-made lake, in which hippos wallow, wildlife drink, and birds congregate.  The hide is sunk below water level, so when sitting down our eyes are level with the slit window.  This has one-way […]

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Not dark enough!

Unfortunately we are not far away enough from the nearest town to have completely dark skies, so my attempts at star trails have been unsuccessful due to the light coming from there.  Here are a couple but I’m not really happy with them as you can clearly see the glow from the lights at the bottom of the images.   […]

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Unfortunately lions and cheetah are not vegetarian, so ‘meat prep’ is part and parcel of looking after them. What goes in must come out, so the day after the lions and cheetahs have been fed, we clean their enclosures. As they are quite large areas this involves searching in long grass with a shovel at the ready and a wheelbarrow […]

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Day Trip.

Last week we went to Pilansberg National Park which is about an hour and a half away.   This Big Five game reserve is the same size of Singapore, so obviously we only covered a small portion of it.  We had some good sightings of Elephants and Rhinos which we don’t have here at Sable Ranch, as well as a […]

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