Namibia – a country that’s approximately 3.4 times bigger than the UK, but the population density per square kilometre is the second lowest in the world, at just 3 compared to the UK population density of 277.  (The least densely populated country in the word is Mongolia ) The most densely populated country in the world is Macau at whopping […]

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Continuing on from my previous post, the afternoon at the coast was spent enjoying a sand dunes experience in a couple of 4x4s. This started with a drive along the lagoon with flamingos not too far out, so of course we stopped to photograph them. We were watching a lioness drinking at a waterhole when she started padding away. As […]

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I led another enjoyable photography tour of Namibia at the end of March. I had 7 guests and they were a great group of people. I hired two 4x4s, and took a couple of walkie talkies so that we could communicate with each other when driving. There was great banter and teasing between the occupants of the two cars which […]

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Namibia 2018 – Wildlife

17 months in the planning and hundreds of hours and emails later, I took a group of 5 keen photographers around Namibia.  Although it was primarily a landscape tour, there was plenty of wildlife too.  Here is a selection of my favourite wildlife photos. First of all, one of the highlights of my trip – Cheetahs in the long grass […]

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Namibia – Etosha.

Etosha was the most northerly stop on our trip before returning back down to Windhoek.  I had pre-booked two early morning drives, and we had a great guide for both.  On the first one we had a happy and informative guy, who immediately ‘got’ what we wanted to do (take the best possible photographs) and knew how to move the […]

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A different landscape again became apparent as we approached Spitzkoppe.  If you have been to Disneyland and seen the ‘boulders’ they have there on rides such as Thunder Mountain, I’ve now seen the real thing!  Our lodge was brand new this year and consisted of individual semi-permanent buildings set amongst the boulders.  Decorated absolutely beautifully, everything there was impressive and […]

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