Namibia 2018 – Landscapes and fascinating places

Namibia is having a huge tourist boom and having visited twice now it’s easy to see why.  It’s a vast country but with a population of only 2.4 million people, making the roads almost empty.  The tarmac roads are in great condition and stretch for endless miles, but with such a small population it’s easy … More Namibia 2018 – Landscapes and fascinating places

Namibia – Etosha.

Etosha was the most northerly stop on our trip before returning back down to Windhoek.  I had pre-booked two early morning drives, and we had a great guide for both.  On the first one we had a happy and informative guy, who immediately ‘got’ what we wanted to do (take the best possible photographs) and … More Namibia – Etosha.

Namibia – Walvis Bay to Spitzkoppe

A different landscape again became apparent as we approached Spitzkoppe.  If you have been to Disneyland and seen the ‘boulders’ they have there on rides such as Thunder Mountain, I’ve now seen the real thing!  Our lodge was brand new this year and consisted of individual semi-permanent buildings set amongst the boulders.  Decorated absolutely beautifully, … More Namibia – Walvis Bay to Spitzkoppe