This was the canyon that I was most looking forward to seeing, and it blew me away.  A canyon carved out of the rocks by years of flash floods.  At the right time of year and day the sunlight throws beams straight down to the ground like spotlights. Words can’t describe it and the photos don’t do it justice. I’ve […]

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One of our stops along Route 66 was at the town of Holbrook.  I was amazed to see what looked like the cars from the Disney/Pixar film ‘cars’.  It turns out that the cartoon cars in the film were actually based on these, so I had to get some photos for my grandson, who loves that film.    Below are […]

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A little general store was a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.   As we had strictly limited the photographers on this trip so that they had plenty of teaching time and space, I was not an ‘official’ shooter. This meant that any shots of the models were ‘grab’ shots ensuring that I didn’t get in the way of anyone else. […]

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Laguna Beach

The wedding in Vancouver was at a perfect time, as I’d planned to accompany Damien on a road trip starting in Las Vegas two and a half weeks later.  I took advantage of being on the west coast of Canada to fly down to Los Angeles to spend the middle 4 days with another friend whom I’d met through whilst […]

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