Washington DC.

Last month I had a quick 3 days in Washington DC. (Often just known as ‘DC) First of all, in my ignorance I didn’t realise that the DC stands for District of Columbia, which is nowhere near the state of Washington.  I also didn’t know what to expect and only explored the central part of it, but really liked it.  […]

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The largest national park south of Alaska, Death Valley is known for extremes: It’s North America’s driest and hottest spot (with fewer than two inches of rainfall annually and a record high of 56°c), and has the lowest elevation on the continent at one point—282 feet below sea level. During summer, it’s thought to be the hottest place on Earth, […]

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Florida Keys

If I had to sum up the Florida Keys in three nouns it would be Water, Boats, & Sunsets.  Verbs would be Vibrant, Relaxed, & Inclusive. Here’s a selection of images from a drive down to the most Southern part of the United States.   Let’s start with a multi-story boat park.  Much more photogenic that our multi-story car parks! Iguanas […]

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California. Highway 1.

After visiting Yosemite we headed back to San Francisco in order to drive down the scenic Highway 1.  Once again the weather was on our side and we had glorious sunshine for the duration of the trip. First stop was a small town. We drove past a very typical shaped barn somewhere in the Californian countryside and stopped purely to […]

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Yosemite National Park

I’ve ticked another place off my bucket list, and Yosemite was as stunningly beautiful as I’d imagined. We had read many times to expect queues of up to 3 hours to get in, but we went on 3 consecutive days and didn’t spend more than 10 minutes queuing each time. From rivers tumbling over boulders to vast meadows. Endless vistas […]

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California is not somewhere I’d really associated with stunning scenery, but that just goes to show how little I knew about it.  There were a few stops along the way to and from Lake Tahoe, just because we drove past something that was crying out to be photographed. I’m drawn to tumbledown (or on the verge of) shacks for photographic […]

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San Francisco

I’d heard great things about the city of San Francisco and it had been ‘on my list’ for some years. A 3 day stay there was to be the start of a road trip and I did absolutely love the city despite a very bad experience on the first day. We had parked at the Palace of Fine Arts and […]

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June in Florida

I didn’t think I’d be able to do any blog posts from my most recent trip as I thought I’d had my cabin baggage stolen, which contained my camera, back up disk ,laptop, and other equipment. A very stressful 3 weeks later I was informed that it was found at Gatwick airport!   A 7 hour round trip ensued to retrieve […]

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Back in Florida

On the way back from New Orleans we dropped down the West coast of Florida and spent a couple of days in Naples as some friends were also escaping the English winter and spending a month there.  We enjoyed a spectacular sunset on our first evening as you can see above. The next day there was a one day car […]

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