Koh Tao

The ferry journey from Koh Samui to Ko Tao took a bit of working out as to what was going on, where we had to go, etc, but we eventually piled on and our luggage was heaped up at the front of the catarmaran.  About 10 minutes into the journey one of the crew rushed up to the front and […]

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Koh Samui

After a 90 minute flight from Chiang Mai we arrived at the first of our two islands – Koh Samui.  We had chosen a place to stay based on the fact that is was on the west side of the island and we’d therefore see the sunsets.  We were not disappointed 🙂  This was our first evening. Early next morning […]

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Chiang Mai

The Chatrium Hotel in Bangkok was a good find.  Because it was right on the river, access to the heart of the city where the main Wats are was a ferry journey away, rather than a crawl through crowded polluted streets.  We enjoyed our stay here, the food was delicious, and the bed was one of the most comfortable hotel […]

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Elephant Nature Park

For several years I’ve been following Elephant Nature Park on Facebook and have considered volunteering there for a couple of weeks.   However, when we decided to come to Thailand I suggested that we include an overnight stay at ENP, which is about 1.5 hours north of Chiang Mai.  This wonderful place is a sanctuary for elephants who have lived a […]

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As we only had two days in Bangkok we had decided in advance what we wanted to do.  With everything ticked off our list for Day 1, we wanted to visit Ayutthaya, the original capital of Siam, which is now in ruins.  Between 1350 and 1767, Ayutthaya had 33 Kings and no Western power ever ruled Siam.  During that time […]

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