Borneo. Tree Planting.

Our second week of work started with a day that included tree planting.  We had to drive for an hour to get to a river where we would take a boat journey, and then trek to an area where the local people are trying to keep the area populated with indigenous trees instead of palm … More Borneo. Tree Planting.

Bornean Sun Bears

Next door to the Orang Utan rehabilitation centre is another sanctuary for Sun Bears.  Here, rescued bears can roam large areas of forest, dig for grubs, climb, forage and rest in the trees within the enclosures. They are the second rarest bear species, after the giant panda. The sun bear population has declined by at least … More Bornean Sun Bears

Borneo. Day 3

In the afternoon we were taken on a tour of the nearby town – Sandakan.  Our first stop was the Sandakan Memorial Park.  This is a beautiful rainforest garden which was the site of a Japanese POW camp during WWII.  In July 1942, 1,500 Australian prisoners of war were transferred from Singapore to Sandakan as a forced … More Borneo. Day 3

Borneo – Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Days 1 & 2

I first heard about this volunteering project from a friend I’d made whilst volunteering in Zambia.  She has been here and absolutely loved it.  I was initially a little put off as volunteers have to commit to 8 weeks, but after seeing the place on the ‘Paul O’Grady, Animal Orphans’ T.V programme I decided it … More Borneo – Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Days 1 & 2

Sri Lanka – Mirissa

It’s nice to end a busy holiday with a few days at a beach, and Sri Lanka’s coastline is beautiful.  After arriving at our penultimate hotel we got changed and went down to the beach where we spent £1.00 on a couple of coconuts.  The sea seems mostly calm, but there are some good waves … More Sri Lanka – Mirissa

Sri Lanka – Ella to Mirissa and Udawalawe National Park

Our journey from Ella to Mirissa was approximately 6 hours by road, and we found that by leaving early (5 a.m.) we could make a stop at Udawalawe National Park for a safari drive.  Udawalawe has over 250 elephants and it was created  to provide a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of … More Sri Lanka – Ella to Mirissa and Udawalawe National Park