We saw a lot of hyenas in Kenya and whilst they are part of the ‘Ugly 5’, I don’t always think that they are ugly. We actually heard one ‘laughing’ and it’s a great sound. Top right is the head of a wildebeest, and bottom right are two hyenas hanging onto a baby impala. One of them won and ran […]

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In November I celebrated a ‘milestone’ birthday, and the very next day I escaped the dreary UK weather and flew out to the continent that I have come to love and that has well and truly got ‘under my skin’. I spent nearly 5 weeks in Kenya and Zanzibar, volunteering with African Impact who I have volunteered and worked for […]

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For a while I’d thought about going to Finland to photograph brown bears, so a decision to finally book it found me spending 5 nights in a tiny hide out in the swamps, forests and lakes. In late summer, the bears feast in preparation for the fast approaching winter, and it’s then that bear activity reaches its peak.  Bear sightings of course […]

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My holidays and trips are planned months in advance, and I even have a trip in the diary now for October 2020. However, one Sunday evening a few weeks ago I decided to join my husband who would be spending a few days in Venice. He was leaving the next day…. Unfortunately there were no available flights for that day, […]

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Sad fact: A rhino horn can be worth over £400,000 on the black market! I will never understand why something that is the same substance as our fingernails is so sought after in Asian countries, particularly Vietnam. Rhino horn is used in traditional Chinese medicine, but increasingly common is its use as a status symbol to display success and wealth. It makes […]

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