, Conservation


One of our duties at Thanda was to help out with conservation there and in the community.  I’ve  cleared chromolaena, an alien plant that smothers all other plants, litter picked along the road that runs through the reserve, and pulled up onions from the garden in one of the communities that we have a relationship with. The onions smelled amazing:) The litter picking morning followed a couple of days of rain, and with every step my boots got heavier and heavier, and I got taller and taller, due to the amount of mud that built up underneath them!

We also helped to put up chicken wire & shade cloth so that the community can have a little business raising chickens and then selling them and their eggs.

Finally, we hacked back the overgrown bushes and trees from some of the tracks.  So much of the vegetation there has thorns, and we always had to be on the lookout, diving into the middle of the vehicle or ducking down.

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