, Good eyesight, camouflage, and why zebras have stripes.

Good eyesight, camouflage, and why zebras have stripes.

Following on from my previous posting about how a guide knows where to go, they also need excellent eyesight.  The photo below is of a distant hillside, and from this position, our guide spotted a couple of elephants!
Could you spot an elephant from this far away?
And here they are! My camera long lens is fully zoomed in.  Even harder to see in the second photo due to the colours.

Spot the elephants!
Spot the elephants!

, Good eyesight, camouflage, and why zebras have stripes.
We sat and watched for a while and saw that they were moving slowly towards a track so we headed down the hill and up the track the other side in anticipation of seeing them closer.  With the engine turned off we sat and listened, and sure enough, we soon heard the sound of branches cracking.  Our patience was rewarded when they crossed the track right in front of us.  One of the bulls wasn’t too happy to see us there and made a show of protest but he wasn’t really meaning it and soon carried on.

Another good spotting was of this bird walking in the bush as we drove past.  Again, the first photo is how it looked and the second is zoomed right in.  So well camouflaged only our guide saw it.
Thanda 2014-53

Thanda 2014-53-2
Lastly, why do zebras have stripes?  It’s because it makes it harder for a lion to pick out one of them when they are all together:)

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