, Mkuzi


Mkuze is another reserve about 45 minutes drive from here.  There are some hides there, and we spent a few hours at one of them right over a waterhole.  Upon arrival somebody had the bright idea of passing the home baked muffins around before we went into the hide, so we sat munching happily for a few minutes.  Imagine how much we kicked ourselves to enter the hide and see a mother and baby rhino trundling off into the bushes, having just been drinking at the waterhole there.
(By the way, that bright idea came from me – ooops!)  I then spent the next hour feeling really bad at having deprived my volunteers of a wonderful photo opportunity, despite being spoiled for choice with the dozens of animals and birds that were there.

I was extremely relieved when they made a reappearance and stayed there for a good 15-20 minutes – a rhino baby is extremely precious 🙂
Thanda-156 Thanda-155 Thanda-154
There is a ‘tunnel’ walkway to the hide so that any animals at the waterhole don’t see you coming.  I decided that it was a great place for a team photo, and our guide who hates being photographed offered to take it for me.  Here I am with my group of volunteers.

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