, The reality of life in Africa….

The reality of life in Africa….

Earlier this week the photographers visited the local rubbish dump! On the African Impact photography project there is so much more than just taking photos of wildlife.  There were a couple of reasons for going;  The first was to take photographs that highlight just how much rubbish is created by us humans, so that we can make more impact when we visit the local schools and talk to them about littering and the importance of not just throwing their rubbish out of car windows or onto the ground.  If it can be collected and recycled then that’s part way to slowing down new production and reusing what we already have.  They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and these demonstrate pretty well the enormity of the situation.  Hopefully the children will realise this when they see the images.

The second reason for going was to show the rest of the world that despite owning and earning next to nothing, the (mostly) ladies who work there did not appear to be miserable and hating their lives – there was plenty of chatting and laughter, and wanting to pose for us and our cameras.

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