, The Wild West Photography Tour.  Canyons – Grand and others!

The Wild West Photography Tour. Canyons – Grand and others!

I got very behind with my blog, so this is going back 6 months to the rest of the USA road trip.

The Grand Canyon has been ‘on my list’ for a few years and it’s certainly breathtaking.

We did a late afternoon shoot at this next place and got very lost trying to find it.  We came across what looked like a farm with these beautiful horses running freely and asked for directions.  10 minutes later when we were still lost, somebody drove out and offered to lead us to where we wanted to go.  We were pretty skeptical of his intentions and wondered if he was either going to lead us straight off  his land (we didn’t know if we were on Navajo land or not) or whether he’d want to charge us a fee for showing us the way or allowing us to photograph there.   Damien’s reasons for thinking that were based on negative experiences on a previous trip and on the difficulties we’d had beforehand in obtaining permits to photograph on Navajo and National Parks land.  As it took so long to find we were still there when the sun started to set and we were treated to a beautiful sky and full moon.

We also went to another incredible canyon  – a location that Damien had found on google earth previously. There was only a handful of other people there and we were able to wander round freely.  It was incredibly hot but the landscape was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I also took my first ‘wildlife’ photo of the trip – a little cross looking lizard who’s head and body was about the length of my finger!

America certainly isn’t short of canyons and incredible landscapes.  Take a look at the colours of this vista:


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