, The Wild West Photography Tour.  Las Vegas

The Wild West Photography Tour. Las Vegas

A quick hop from LAX to Las Vegas and I met up with hubby Damien at our hotel where we were staying for two nights before starting our road trip.  As this trip was to be a teaching workshop he wanted that time to adjust to the time difference before meeting the 12 photographers who would be with us for the duration. Co-tutor and friend Martin and two lovely models, Claire and Lydia had travelled out with Damien.

I hadn’t expected to particularly like Las Vegas – it held no appeal and wasn’t a place that I would have planned to visit, and it lived up to expectations. As soon as I stepped off the ‘plane and into the airport I saw a bank of slot machines. Getting to the hotel reception and the lift (elevator) to the bedrooms involved navigating through a smoky casino.  Still, whilst there, I wanted to see what the appeal is to some people, so the next day we set out to explore downtown LV.  It was HOT – 42º, but not humid, so we walked the 20 minutes or so from our hotel to ‘The Strip’ area. Walked into Caesar’s Palace, had a look around for 5 minutes, ticked that off the list and walked out again.  Checked out the ‘amazing’ fountains displays at The Bellagio which weren’t that amazing, visited ‘Italy’ and ‘France’ which seem to be made entirely of fibreglass and had a general wander round.  Here is a selection of photos.  Am I the only person in the world to have visited Las Vegas and not spent a cent gambling?

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