, Mexico. On the road.

Mexico. On the road.

En route to our next destination we hugged the coastline for a while.  This meant driving through a little fishing village where we were the only non-locals. I do sometimes feel as I stick out like a sore thumb with my blonde hair but I just have to get over myself !  The advantage of self-driving in a country is that you can stop wherever you see something interesting, so we did so – frequently.   The buildings below are very typical sights in Mexico;  bright colours next to each other but often in need of repainting.

, Mexico. On the road.

I like simple ‘clean’ and high key images – this boat caught my eye but I can’t stop seeing what looks like a giant clothes peg on the back of it !

, Mexico. On the road.

I saw hundreds of pelicans in Mexico, so here’s a selection of my favourite photos.

, Mexico. On the road. , Mexico. On the road. , Mexico. On the road.

, Mexico. On the road.

I posted the photo below on my Facebook timeline and asked for caption suggestions.  I had some excellent replies which could equally apply to the photo above:  “Well ONE of us left the toilet seat up, Harold, and I know it wasn’t ME” . “I can’t even look at you right now”.  “We are both FINE”. “Another romantic evening comes and goes, the atmosphere was electric”.  I think the winner though is “Marriage on the rocks”. 🙂

, Mexico. On the road.

Very occasionally I’ll try a low-key photo!

, Mexico. On the road. , Mexico. On the road.

Next stop – Becan……..

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