, Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park

Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park

After an overnight flight to Columbo we had a journey of several hours to our first destination – a tented camp just outside one of the National Parks.  Our accommodation was simple but perfectly adequate and we saw and heard plenty of birds.., Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park


That evening we were escorted from our tent to the dining area, which was a large circle of cut grass in the middle of  a pretty wild area. The perimeter was lit with hurricane lamps, as was each table.  The three course dinner was delicious and we were escorted back to our tent afterwards in case we couldn’t find our way through the many pathways on site.  An early night followed as we were to be up early the next morning for a safari.  It was a little disappointing in as much as we didn’t see loads of wildlife but it was nice to be out and we did have a vehicle and guide to ourselves.

It seemed that every dead tree had a peacock sitting in it, and we watched one displaying to a group of females.

The morning started off quite misty., Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park

There were lots of birds to be seen though.

And a crocodile lying in wait, Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park

The main drive through the park is beautiful, Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park

Later that afternoon we went and paid £5.00 to use the facilities at a very unusual hotel where we didn’t see another guest! It’s only been open for 4 years but it looks like the buildings are ancient.

That afternoon it started raining, and it rained all night.  Dinner was served in the same area as the previous night, but under a canopy, and our tent didn’t leak either so it really didn’t matter as it was still warm.  The next morning we left for our next destination.




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