Tanzania Part 2. Lake Manyara National Park

Our second day of the safari was spent in Lake Manyara national park.  Here are a few photos I captured that day.

Below:  Baboons, Vervet Monkey & Blue Monkey.

Below:  Baboons.  This baby spent quite some time scampering around this tree, lying back and relaxing, then his mum checked whether he had washed behind his ears that morning.

Below:  A Red & Yellow Barbet waiting for crumbs from our picnic lunch.

We spent maybe 20 minutes watching of a herd of elephants crossing the track in front of us.  There’s something really peaceful about sitting with the engine off and enjoying being in the presence of these giants as they pass by.  They are constantly browsing or grazing, and depending on how deep in the bush they are, often the first indication that elephants are around is hearing the crack of a branch.  And they break a LOT of trees!  Once the leaders had passed we drove to the middle of the nearly dried up river and watched the others upriver who hadn’t crossed yet.   It was great to hear them trumpeting and rumbling whilst they communicated with each other. 

Next stop.  Serengeti National Park.

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