Vietnam. Hue. The Imperial City.

The Imperial City in Hue was only a 20 minute walk from our AirBnb but as it was very sunny, hot and extremely humid I think it took us quite a bit longer as we walked fairly slowly.  Once there, we spent a long time in the shade and enjoyed being there with hardly anyone else around. Being a major tourist attraction, the place would normally be packed, and once again, we realised how lucky we were to be there during the Covid-19 crisis.

As I turned a corner there was a man in front of me photographing the lady below.  I don’t know whether she was a hired model or his girlfriend, but I took the opportunity of photographing her too.  Once they’d moved on I realised that my friend Judith wasn’t with me and I turned back to look for her, only to be glared at by a couple of German tourists who had been waiting for me to move out of the way so that they could photograph the scene without me in it.  With an apologetic smile I duly moved, and caught Judith’s eye who was smirking at their grumpiness. We had a good laugh at the situation afterwards. Some people have no patience 🙂

The whole complex is vast and buildings lead to other buildings and open areas.

I only had to wait about 5 minutes for nobody else to be in this corridor below.  And no, I didn’t scowl at the couple who were there 🙂

As I’m a portrait photographer I kept offering to take photos of Judith in various places and she then reciprocated.  I have more photos of myself on this holiday than anywhere else!

We were on our way out of the complex when we discovered this area full of hanging lanterns.

Below are bunches of incense sticks.

Finally, another door with great textures on it and on the wall too.  I seem to have a thing for photographing doors !  Before I took the photo though I spent a couple of minutes pushing some ugly discarded planks of wood out of the way.







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